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Weekend stroll at Coolart Historic Area

Posted by:Greg on Jul - 14 - 2012 - Filed under: My Experiences,Photography -

Coolart historic area is located near Somers, a small town approximately 72 km south-east of Melbourne, Victoria, located in the south-eastern corner of the Mornington peninsula. The area includes Coolart historic homestead, nice gardens, and lengthy walks around swamps, inhabited  by various birds species. Last weekend all three of us took a walk there, and it was a great way to spend time! I won’t go into historic details, I just want to show it to you through my lens. Walking through the... more

Have an opinion people!

Posted by:Greg on Jun - 9 - 2012 - Filed under: Philosophy,Photography -

Going through my photographic journey I’ve slowly started to notice this very negative fact… at first it was a vague thought on the back of my mind, but then slowly I started to see it more and more clearly (I am talking about the world of photography enthusiasts and also professional photogrpahers) – too many people don’t have their own opinion. Let me explain. I found famous photographers, who also have blogs, in which they showcase their work and write about photography... more

Birthday Photoshoot

Posted by:Greg on Jun - 4 - 2012 - Filed under: My Experiences,Photography,Portraits -

A couple of weeks ago I’ve got another family photoshoot. It was a very nice couple and a cutest little boy Leon who just recently turned 2 so they wanted some photos to remember this age. Parents wanted photos to be taken in the boys’ natural environment – their home and backyard. Therefore for me it was an “on location” photo shoot and I had to bring my lighting equipment. Click on the photo to enlarge.   When shooting kids in studio you have time to set up... more

Life is changing

Posted by:Greg on May - 5 - 2012 - Filed under: My Experiences,Photography -

I know I haven’t been around lately, but it was for a good reason! Last week Ira and I welcomed our baby daughter into this world. So this post will be all about her, our dear Eve. Click on the photo to enlarge. Being a photographer-dad, needless to say that already after one week, my hard drive doesn’t have enough space for all the photos I took of her. So I try to force myself to delete some of them. It is really hard, even when as a photographer, I see that the photo isn’t that... more

Building Composition

Posted by:Greg on Mar - 26 - 2012 - Filed under: Landscapes,My Experiences,Photography -

In this post I’d like to talk about composing photographs “after the fact”. Wait, don’t jump to any conclusions just yet, let me explain what I mean. About a month ago I had to fly to Sydney for work but got stuck at the airport due to bad weather. I spent about two hours sitting in front of the large viewing glass looking at the runways. The weather was indeed stormy, it was dark from all the clouds, and there was nothing to photograph. But when the weather started to get... more

20th Century History Of Photography – Part II

Posted by:Greg on Mar - 15 - 2012 - Filed under: Photography -

Click here for Part I The first great and glorious era of modern art left the stage to the accompaniment of shots of World War II. Photography, ever since the Man Ray, and Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, sought after its particular poetry, took over the role of the informant, an agitator and propagandist. Editorial images from the war and political life of the rear attracted attention and aroused the emotions much lighter and stronger than the most sophisticated pictorialistic shot, which relies on the beauty... more

20th Century History Of Photography – Part I

Posted by:Greg on Mar - 11 - 2012 - Filed under: Photography -

In one of my articles I told you about the wonderful old Czech photo magazine Revue Fotografie. I also complied a pdf photo album with some of the photographs from one of its issues. Since then I have found quite a lot of Revue Fotografie issues, and red many of its great articles, but unfortunately they were all in Russian language, so I can’t display them here. However, just recently I red this article by Ludwig Soucek about the “Magnum” photo agency, which still exists today.... more

Street Candids

Posted by:Greg on Feb - 26 - 2012 - Filed under: My Experiences,Photography -

Lately I didn’t have much time for photography, so these photos are from couple of months ago.  First three are from Frankston’s waterfront festival.  And the last two were taken at Melbourne Central train station. The following shot was planned. I saw this couple and was waiting for an expressive moment. I actually took several shots and this is my favorite. I call this photo “Oh My God” :).  I was trying to capture some of the kid’s expressions while riding this…... more

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