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Good Day Everybody!

I am glad you made it here. I have been writing this blog ever since I started getting interested in photography. I came a long way since then, and had several achievements. My photo was featured in National Geographic magazine, my photos were also used in various publications and books. I still feel that there is a lot to learn and explore in photography. In this blog I am sharing everything I learn about photography, my mistakes and successes, tips that I learn and use, describe (or review) equipment that I use, do a reviews of other photographers work from my point of view, and anything else that has to do with photography.

I hope my blog will contribute greatly to anyone who is passionate about photography or just thinking about getting into it, and I am always glad to read your comments and suggestions.

About me

I started getting interested in photography in 2007  when I bought my first digital camera. For those who always interested in little details – it was Canon PowerShot S2 IS. Back then it was just fun for me to take pictures and almost instantly see them on computer display. But then I went for a long trip to Thailand, Australia and New Zealand. Seeing all the beautiful places I started to get strong urge to show them to my friends and relatives back at home. Little by little I began to see that taking simple snapshots can’t deliver all that I wanted to convey to my audience.

While being in Tasmania my camera broke. I didn’t have any choice but to buy a new one since traveling without a camera wasn’t an option for me. I bought an entry level SLR camera (Canon 400D). The quality of my photos improved dramatically and because of that I became more motivated to work on my photography skills.

My addiction to photography grew much stronger when I came to New Zealand and saw its beauty, and since then it is growing stronger each day. Even though I have learned and practiced so much since then, I still feel that I have a lot to learn in photography.

I thought it would be a good idea to create a blog in which I will describe my evolution in photography writing about new things I discover, think of, and anything else that comes my way that is related to my photographic experience.

During my travels I fell in love with Australia so much that I decided to make it my home, and now I am living in Melbourne.

If you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions to me – feel free to leave comments on this site or drop me an email to greg at photopathway dot com.

Have a great experience browsing this site!