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  1. Cool shot!
    I got permission yesterday to do a shoot thru a demolition/remodel building on our campus.

    Aside from time of day, do you have any recommendations? I think it would be cool to shoot through the windows since the back of the building is gone but one of the historic buildings is just behind it.
    Good post.

  2. Well, there are many creative possibilities in such places. Some people like to shoot HDR shots of machinery and of decayed/demolished constructions. Maybe also try to show the contrast old/demolished against new. I would also look for closeups… for example an interesting mechanical part of some excavator or something, or maybe show a flower growing on the demolished wall…
    My general advice would be – get there, and don’t start shooting right away, but first feel the place and think how it makes you feel. Try first to form some pictures in your mind, and then go find them.
    Hope it helped 🙂

  3. Hi Greg, thanks for the info and advice. I’ve been dying to capture some images to experiment w/ HDR. This will be a great opportunity to do so.
    I just looked at your Greece photo gallery. Gorgeous shots…and the snake head is incredible.

    I also shoot Canon and have some of the same equipment. My next investment is a wireless shutter release. Happy shooting.

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