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Recently I’ve noticed that I mostly share my latest photographic works on my Facebook page and decided that it is not fair to my blog readers. Therefore here is some of my latest photographs with short commentary. All images are clickable.

Every landscape photographer knows that it is highly not recommended to shoot landscapes in the high noon or around that time, especially when the sky is clear and there are no clouds to diffuse the sunlight. When the sun is high in the sky, the colors are washed up, the shadows are very harsh, and the contrast between light and shadow is too high for the camera to capture – you’ll have either detail in shadows but burned highlights or normal highlights but completely dark shadow areas. But what if a landscape at noon is exactly what you want to capture?

I tried and this is what I came up with. Shooting RAW enabled me to pull up a bit more details from the shadows in post processing. Overall I think I managed to convey the warmth of the sun and the coolness of the ocean, but its up to you to decide.

It was a cool spring evening, and I knew that sunset was going to be beautiful, but unfortunately I got to the seashore too late. Seeing that I have definitely missed the sunset, I didn’t go to the beach as planned but took this photo instead. The house on the right is pretty mysterious to me. It is very old and decayed, I have never seen anyone in the house, but mysteriously

What can I say, I am a sucker for flowers and beautiful vivid colors, and I can’t ever resist taking photo of a beautiful flower, so here is one more from my collection.

Even though I just said that I like vivid colors, but I can also feel the magic of black and white photographs, and frequently feel that certain images convey they mood better in black and white.

The scene captured in the image below was almost black and white in reality. Stormy weather turned the water black, and clouds to dark shades of gray. I only enhanced this feeling in post processing.

Continuing the b&w theme following are two images that mostly exist in my imagination. I call them “Evening fantasy”… who knows maybe these two will meet each other some day 🙂

[box type=”bio”] Hope you enjoyed watching these images, and as always your comments are much appreciated![/box]

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