Interviews with Photographers – Introduction

Ever since I started getting interested in photography I wanted to know more about photographers whose work I liked. I had many questions for them – how they started they journey in photography, what keeps them motivated, and of course technical stuff like what equipment they use and their workflow.
Having this blog created a unique opportunity for me – ask the photographers I like to give an interview for my readers.
I have been surfing the net for a while now searching for inspiration for my own photographic works, and occasionally I end up in a site not being able to leave it before I go over all the photographs there. I bookmark such sites and remember the names of the photographers. These are the guys that I will try to interview, and if they agree I will post the interviews here for the benefit of everybody.

I will also reveal a small secret – I already have one great photographer who accepted my interview proposal! So stay tuned for this interview, which will be posted sometime during the next week.

I would also really appreciate if you suggested photographers that you like so I could take a look at their work and learn a bit more myself.

2 thoughts on “Interviews with Photographers – Introduction

  1. That’s a great initiative, Greg. I would be too shy for asking professional photographers for an interview. I will be waiting for the interview(s) published.


    p.s. I can’t publish a comment without entering website and mail…
    what if I don’t have a website (which I don’t have)…

  2. Thanks Stas!
    About the comments – you only have to enter name and email. You don’t have to enter web site. I am sorry but this helps to fight SPAM comments.

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