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As I promised, here are some more photos from where I live now, which is Australia if you haven’t followed me until now.

There are so many beautiful flowers and trees here, that I can’t resist photographing them and in the last month I gathered quite a collection of flowers and trees photos. Everything blooming now, it is Spring here. Take this tree for example. Imagine how it would be to look out of your living room window and see this beautiful tree!

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In the next photo I couldn’t resist doing some Photoshop editing, and added a texture to the flower in addition to converting it to black and white (with dual toning). If you’d like to know how I did the conversion, you can read my post “Creative Conversion to B&W in Lightroom”. Thinking of it, I probably will also write a post about how to add textures to your photos.

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The photo below was taken at Frankston’s Sculpture Park. This sculpture of a lady standing there created a mystic mood, and I tried to capture it. Whether I succeeded or not is for you to decide.

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These are Pelicans that live on the small beach in Hastings (small town). They are waiting for the lady from fish shop, which is located nearby, to come out and give them some fish leftovers.

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This photo is from the same location.

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I am fascinated by the shapes of the gum trees that are so common in Australia. Here is one example, but there are so many different and magnificent tree shapes that I might just create a collection of them.

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This photo was taken in Sydney in the outdoor art exhibition “Art and About”. I liked how these two guys were looking at the huge photo.

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It was a pretty short post, but I hope you liked the photos.

Any comments are always welcome and,

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2 thoughts on “Here and There

  1. Greg,
    I especially love the pelicans. They are so crisp and colorful. The 2 men looking at the banner is interesting too.

    So you find Australia quite different from your last home?

  2. Oh, yes. Australia is very different from Israel. It is much larger for example. And the population density is much much lower here. The climate is also different of course. And many more things.
    But, you know, any place his advantages and disadvantages, but eventually it all depends on your attitude 🙂

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