Dancers Among Us – Project by Jordan Matter

Recently I came across very talented photographer Jordan Matter. He mostly photographs models, actors, and dancers for their portfolios, but he also does wedding, fashion, and corporate photography. He has a gift of showing the essence of the person he photographs in a very pleasing way.

But what got me really interested is his work is one of his recent personal projects called “Dancers Among Us”. In this project he works with some of the top New York City dancers – he photographs them in all kinds of public places in New York City, in various dance poses. But of course there is much more to it than that. Jordan creates beautiful still images capturing motion, emotion, feelings and more. He himself describes the motivation for this project in very inspiring words.

I couldn’t stop watching his photos, they posses a kind of joy and happiness that is difficult to describe, but once you take a look at the photos, you’ll understand what I mean.

If I got you interested, you can see the photos from the project “Dancers Among Us” on Jordan’s website.

I look forward to your comments regarding this magnificent project. Which photos did you like the most?



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