Daily Photo from my iPhone – Introduction

About a week ago I received a birthday present from my sister. Though my birthday is still a few months away, my sister knew that I really wanted this present so she didn’t keep me waiting and simply gave it to me – the new shiny iPhone 3Gs!!! And, of course, first thing I did with it was to check out the camera it has. I played with it a little and the best thing about this camera is that it is always with me. I noticed that amount of photos that I take grew significantly since I first laid my hands on the iPhone. In addition I got several programs for iPhone that create various effects to the photos and enjoyed playing with those also.

In order to improve my photographic skills (mostly composition-wise) I decided to take on a mission (!) – post one photo each day, here on my blog, directly from the iPhone. Each day I will choose one photo from my daily shots and post it on the sidebar. This way in the future I will be able to see my evolution in photography from these daily photos. I also think that it can be interesting to you, my readers. And yes, I know that the technical quality of the photos from iPhone is much worse than from my DSLR, this is why I am aiming mostly to improve my compositional photographic skills (and not technical) through this project.

As always, your thoughts, comments, critiques and anything else that you’d like to share are highly appreciated!

Till the next post, take care!


2 thoughts on “Daily Photo from my iPhone – Introduction

  1. Hi Greg,
    FYI – We had a phone camera session after hours a few days ago. I’m going to post the shots in a little bit. I had never even FOUND the camera on my phone until I read your idea to use it once a day.
    Anyway, it is a fun exercise. I’ll let you know if I captured anything worth viewing 🙂

  2. Hi Ellen,
    I am sure to visit your site and check out your shots! I already wrote a post saying that I failed in my mission – I realized that I am not able to come up with one decent photo each day, which is worth showing. But that doesn’t mean I gave up – I am still posting photos, just not every day, but at lease a few times a week.

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