Using Flash When Shooting Sunsets

Posted by:Greg on Jan - 29 - 2011 - Filed under: Landscapes,Lighting,Photo Tips -

You might think I’m going a little bit crazy here, but hey, don’t make any rushed judgments! Yes, flash won’t help you to light the landscape but it can help you make your sunset photos a little bit different. Usually when you see sunset photos, the foreground elements of composition are silhouettes due to the high contrast between the backlight from the setting sun and the darkness of the foreground. Sometimes these silhouettes of objects or people look good in the photo, but sometimes... more

The Power of Pseudo HDR with Photomatix

Posted by:Greg on Jul - 13 - 2010 - Filed under: HDR,tips -

If you are new to the whole HDR concept I suggest you first read my posts titled HDR Introduction and Pseudo HDR Anyone who heard about Photomatix, knows that it creates HDR images. But in addition to a usual HDRs combined from several exposures, you can also create a nice pseudo HDR images – in short an “HDR looking” image made from a single RAW file. In order to do that you open just that one RAW file in Photomatix, and it “understands” that you want to create a pseudo... more

Creating abstract photographs

Posted by:Greg on Jul - 6 - 2010 - Filed under: Photo Tips,Photography -

This time I would like to talk about creating abstract photographs. There are many ways of doing it, and one of the simplest ones is to take a closeup shot of something with interesting texture making it unclear what it is from one side but creating an interesting combination of forms, colors etc. from the other side. For example you can find an old wooden door with paint which partially came off and take a closeup of it, or take closeup shots of rusty metal. Another idea would be taking closeup... more

Shooting Panoramas with iPhone

Posted by:Greg on Feb - 6 - 2010 - Filed under: Gear Reviews,My Experiences,Photo Tips,Photography -

At first this thought might sound crazy to you as it sure sounded to me, but then I thought that I could at least try to do that. Since my iPhone is always with me and my camera isn’t (due to circumstances beyond my control of course! ) it had already been more than a few occasions on which I really wanted to make a panoramic image but couldn’t. So I decided to see if there are any apps for iPhone that can help me create panoramas. During my research I found several applications that ... more

How to shoot with tripod and why

Posted by:Greg on Aug - 1 - 2009 - Filed under: Photography -

Why photographers use tripods? Well, the answer to this question is pretty simple – to prevent camera shake as much as possible and create sharper photos. Beginner photographer might think that tripod is necessary only for long exposures, but it is not exactly so. The longer your focal length, the more sensitive you get to camera shake. For example if you shoot with wide angle lens (I am intentionally taking this to extremes) with shutter speed of 1/60s you will get pretty sharp photo, but... more

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