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Old Cars Show in Mornington

Posted by:Greg on Jan - 31 - 2012 - Filed under: Lighting,My Experiences,Photo Tips,Photography -

  A couple of weeks ago Ira and I visited a collectible cars show at the Mornington’s racecourse. There were lots of beautiful old cars and we had lots of fun.There were also quite a few photographers taking shots of these beauties. But from my photographic perspective, I didn’t want to simply photograph the cars as I am sure there are already many photos of each model that was showcased there. So instead I tried to look at the event not as “this is a car show, so I... more

Blossoming Eucalyptuses

Posted by:Greg on Jan - 20 - 2012 - Filed under: My Experiences -

In the summer, here in Australia, Red-flowered gum trees start to blossom. This is a very beautiful sight! The whole tree is covered by marvelous, red-colored flowers. These trees have various hues of red, and when you have the whole street planted with them, the view is stunning! Click on the photo to enlarge. But merely this fact wasn’t enough for me to set aside some time on weekend and go photograph them. There was one more thing – early in the morning starting about at 7 o’clock... more

The Last Sunset of 2011

Posted by:Greg on Jan - 7 - 2012 - Filed under: My Experiences,Photography -

Ira and I have a tradition – we always try to spend the New Year’s eve somewhere far from the crowds and close to the nature. This time we spent it on the Ninety Mile Beach in Victoria. There are small pockets of free camping areas in the bush along the coastline, and though we weren’t alone there, when we went for our sunset walk on the beach, there was almost no one there. Click on the photo to enlarge. The last Sunset of the year 2011 was beautiful! The clouds slowly changed... more

Using Your Imagination

Posted by:Greg on Dec - 26 - 2011 - Filed under: My Experiences,Photography,Photoshop -

Nobody knows what’s inside artist’s mind, so in order to express themselves and to share their visions with the world artists write music, paint, sculpt and use other means of expression. Mine is photography. Sometimes I have these crazy pictures in my mind, and I want to somehow realize them. Since I can’t draw very well, I am trying to do that by other means, currently it is compositing in Photoshop. Recently an idea popped into my mind – a crazy magician who wanted to help... more

Seascapes and other issues

Posted by:Greg on Dec - 20 - 2011 - Filed under: My Experiences,Philosophy,Photography -

Lately I haven’t made much noteworthy photographs… either that or my understanding of what “good photograph” is has changed. Either way I don’t like almost anything that comes out of my camera. And what’s more important, I don’t know how to improve. I guess I’m just searching now for something… another point of view on the world maybe. This is really confusing for me – to search for something not knowing what it is. Click on the photo... more

Free Ebook from Craft&Vision

Posted by:Greg on Dec - 10 - 2011 - Filed under: Reviews -

Recently Craft&Vision published a free e-book titled “11 Ways to Improve Your Photography”. For those of you who are not familiar with Craft&Vision project it was started by David duChemin, pretty well known photographer. In this project he publishes books about photography, some of which he writes by himself, and some written by other photographers. These books are sold in PDF format usually for $5 USD, and you get a discount when you buy a bundle. I have bought about twenty... more

Portfolio Updated

Posted by:Greg on Dec - 4 - 2011 - Filed under: My Experiences,Photography -

Hi everyone, Just a quick note – I updated my portfolio with more photos from Nepal. You can check them out HERE    Read More →

Post-processing variations

Posted by:Greg on Nov - 27 - 2011 - Filed under: Landscapes,Photo Tips,Photography,Photoshop -

I am not a believer in the “straight out of camera” philosophy. You know, the photographers who don’t do post processing at all and sometimes shoot in plain JPEGs. Anything in addition to that, would be “distorting the reality” they claim. My opinion on this subject is that there is no such thing as objective reality. Everyone sees what he sees through his own eyes and his own perspective. Your previous life experience also alters your perception of everything that you... more

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